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Our company, with 9 years of history in the US strives to pass down the wisdom of Master Insan Ilhun Kim, who introduced the unique combination for healthy bamboo salt and other natural products. We make every effort to carry only pure and natural products, ethically and sustainably produced, direct from the earth- with no additives, flavors, or preservatives. 
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Bamboo salt (Crystal) 250g (9X roasted)
Life bamboo salt (Powder) 300g (3X roasted)
Bamboo salt (Crystal) 80g+10g
(9X roasted)
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Bamboo salt (Powder) 250g (9X roasted)
Bamboo salt soybean paste 900g
Safflower Seed (powder) 170g
Radish solid extract 600g


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Bamboo salt (Crystal) 1kg (9X roasted)
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* Product Name: Bamboo salt (bamboo salt roasted 9 times)

* Raw Material: Sun-dried Salt from the Western Sea Coast of the Korean Peninsula 100%

* Product Type: Solid

* Volume: 1kg



People in the modern age are easily and unknowingly exposed to air and water pollutions, toxic chemicals and radiations. Additionally, people get stressed, and suffer from cancers or other incorrigible diseases resulting from irregular diets or habits. Unidentified diseases break out. Modern diseases presumably result from pollutions, stress, irregular diets and metabolic disorder from the destruction of the nature. It is bamboo salt that people in the modern society desperately need Salt is known to sterilize infectious parts and used as antiphilogistics. It is bamboo salt that maximizes such characteristics of salt using bamboo, yellow mud, or pine trees. Four ingredients mix at very high temperature(1000°C to 1600°C) nine times and turn into efficacious bamboo salt; bamboo that recovers damaged cell tissues, Yuhwang(sulfur ingredient)in yellow mud, Hackbiso in salt that sterilizes and prevents decaying, and resin recovering flesh, blood, moisture and oil that comprise the body. The original bamboo salt provides richly essential amounts of calcium, potassium, iron, copper, germanium, selenium, magnesium and many other natural minerals. Bamboo salt is strong alkaline food and turns an acidified constitution into neutral. It prevents various adult diseases resulting from an acidified constitution.



* Take 10 to 20 grains 5 or 7 times a day at your conveniences.

* Take 1 teaspoon (2g) of bamboo salt powder 5 or 7 times a day, 30 minutes before meal or sleeping and at your convenience between meals.

* Take in the above-mentioned way with a tea, which is made of decocting ginger (38g) and a licorice root (29g). Adding a jujube (10g) is better for women.

* Eat parched garlic with bamboo salt several times a day.

* It is not harmful to take bamboo salt with other medicines, food, etc.

* If you are uncomfortable or have kidney or bladder troubles, decrease the intake 1/3 teaspoon (2/3g) temporarily. There is no reported adverse reaction of bamboo salt.

* Bamboo salt can be used for the food seasoning as a substitute of refined salt for both taste and health.


Special Usage

* For mouth, take 1~ 2g bamboo salt, dissolve slowly in the mouth and swallow. Repeat this 7~ 20 times a day.

* For skin, knead bamboo salt powder with clean water into a paste and spread on the troubled part. You may also apply an ointment, which is mixed with bamboo salt powder.



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