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  13326   09/29/12
[Tablet Product] Curing Acne 2

Article of Mr. Sungook Heo: A son of an Insan employee, Mr. Heo, is now a sophomore in high school. He first noticed his acne at the beginning of the year, and noticed that it got worse after trying the sulfur duck around July. This was not the worsening of his condition, but the sulfur duck stew doing its job: it sends the toxic substances and waste products closer to the surface of his body to eject them completely, which made his acne look worse. Both Mr. Heo and his parents were very disappointed to see such results.

He popped his pimples with Q-tips often followed by sterilizing the area and wearing expensive facial massaging masks, but it only got worse and all attempts were futile. By the end of September, the acne spread to his forehead, nose, and all over the far side of his cheeks. While Mr. Heo was upset with what little results he saw after going to so many different hospitals, his mother who worked for Insan got him a jar of the elm root bark tablets. The jar was small, but he had to take 200 pieces every day. The mother promised her son that if this didn’t work, she’ll take him to a dermatologist who claimed to cure his acne surely with an acne curing program that cost nearly 2000 dollars.

What He Did: Heo said it was not easy taking 200 of the small tablets every day. Hence, he chose to take little amounts frequently. He carried the jar with him, so that he could take them at school, home, and work, with water. He took them as soon as he woke up, after breakfast, during breaks at school, after he came back home, and before going to sleep, averaging about 20 tablets each.


After two weeks of constant use, he said his body has undergone a dramatic change. After consuming two whole jars of the product, his acne began to fade away. He no longer needed to go see any dermatologists, and with confidence, Heo purchased another two bottles and kept doing what he did. Two months have passed, and his face is now nearly free from any acne. The small aggregation of his blood cells under his skin which caused his face to turn red went away also.


What the Elm Root Tablet actually did: The tablet did much more than curing the acne for Mr. Heo. When a horrible flu struck his neighborhood and nearly all of his classmates were infected with it, he never even coughed or sneezed once. Furthermore, with controlled ingestion of fast-food products and meats, his face turned lighter with a healthy tint.

He marked the end of his sixth jar on the twentieth of November, which had cost him about 200 dollars. Heo assures himself that the health and happiness he’s gained by spending that money has no price. He is happy that he never spend the 2000 dollars on an acne treatment plan, and so is his mother.